• Familiarization Tours

    Familiarization tours of Austin provide behind-the-scenes insight into the factors and personalities that elevated Austin to economic development rock stardom. Organized by Carol Thompson, whose vision and fortitude was critical to Austin’s emergence as a leading economy, these 1-2 day “fam tours” and/or executive receptions can be organized for a small contingency of your community’s leaders all the way up to a 50+-sized delegation. Carol will work with you to create an experience both relevant and poignant for your economic development leaders.

    Avalanche builds strategic plans for economic development organizations and chambers of commerce across the US as well as on a global basis. When our clients bring their top leaders to Austin to experience what makes our city so special, we engage Carol. Carol Thompson plays a pivotal role with these clients to achieve their goals.

    -Amy Holloway, Founder and President, Avalanche Consulting

    Fam tours are tailored to each client’s individual needs and pricing depends on the duration of preparation time and level of connectivity requested. Clients are responsible for their own travel and entertainment costs. Sample familiarization tour topics include behind-the-scenes insight into Austin’s:

    • High tech development
    • Entrepreneurial environment
    • Education and economic development connection
    • Collaborative spirit

    Carol works with both North American and international clients to organize these meaningful Austin familiarization trips. Contact Carol if your community is interested in organizing a familiarization trip to Austin.

    “Once on the ground in Austin, Texas, our Charleston Regional Development Alliance delegation met with Carol Thompson for an intense three-days of meetings and high-level leadership exchanges. She connected us with a strategic group of Austin’s business and community leaders that we would not have had access to otherwise. She added focus, value and energy to our sessions. Prior to our visit, during the planning sessions of our 2012 Best Practices Trip to Austin, Carol served as a knowledgeable resource to our organization to help us expand the scope of our trip. Her services and connections in Austin are undisputed – our trip to Austin would not have been a success without her service and know-how.”

    -Tara N. Spicer, Charleston Regional Development Alliance